A painting my grandmother did in 1946, the same year my dad was born.

Stitching with no needle 1

Cross stitch ink drawing on paper

New project: Stand where you dig!

The first project I've thrown myself into in 2015 is an illustration relay blog! Called STAND WHERE YOU DIG/STAND WHERE YOU'RE DIGGING, which we think is a good motto generally in life.

It's as simple as it sounds: The first person makes a picture, which the next person use as inspiration for the next picture - and so on! It's a project between myself, Angelica Edin, Katarina Frisö, Linn Schildt and Victoria Olsson-Bill.

Tomorrow is my day! 


Let's start the new year with a small sale. When digging through my small supply of knitwear, I stumbled upon these two hats. Why aren´t they warming somebody's head somewhere in the world? Why did I keep them at the bottom of a box instead of putting them up for sale in the shop? Heaven knows, but it's been corrected now. 

So, here are two fine Granliden Hats, one in Indigo and one in Cochineal dye, ready to be shipped. 40 € apiece! It's a medium fit, but quite stretchy. There are only these two. Proceed to the shop here!

Twelfth night

I'm back in Gothenburg after spending the last week of 2014 at my family's place in Wermland. Now, new year, new projects, high ambitions and planning for the future. 

Here's to 2015!

Out in the woods again

Yesterday, we took a walk to Knarrbysjön to shoot some mittens and look at the view.

Shop update, an offer + a painting

Thanks to all of you who came to the Basar last Sunday! It was an intense couple of hours of meeting lots and lots of nice people, and having many good conversations. And as promised, I did a major shop update on December 1st - the day after.

At present, there are 10 colours available. They will be continuously updated over the next couple of weeks. Keep in mind that there are not more than maximum 3 pairs per colour - I'm actually about to run out of vegetable dyed yarn! So if you have a special dye in mind - get it!

And to make you even more inspired, I offer free shipping for two weeks, until December 14th! Just enter the code GRANLIDEN at checkout. 

Enter the shop here!

Surely, I've been nerdy about cross stitch patterns and old samplers for a long time. But since working with the Fine Little Day book (where I did numerous illustrations combining cross stitch and watercolour) I really can't stop painting. 

Basar Delux!

It's time for the last edition of Basar - the little design market I have been taking part in a couple of times the last two years. This one will of course be a Christmas market, taking place this Sunday at Storgatan 3 here in Gothenburg. More and updated info here. You can also find out more about all the goods and vendors on our Tumblr. There will be loads of good stuff for sure! Remember, this is the Deluxe edition… The Basar lineup this last time includes Le Kiosk, Winterbird Co., For Good Luck, Birgit & Benny, studio esinam, Emma von Brömssen and more. Gosh, it will be good.
And like always, you'll find Bergslagsgatan at the same stand as Up the Wooden Hills!

I will bring nothing less than the famous Granliden Mittens. Since this summer, I have been knitting a lot while not attending to my webshop too much. Time for a change! Right after Basar I'm doing a serious update, and there will be mittens in a range of colourways just in time for Christmas. I will keep you posted about the update through Instagram.

BASAR DELUX 11.00-15.00
Address: Storgatan 3
Tram stop Hagakyrkan
Bring cash (iZettle payment possible too)

See you on Sunday!

Fine Little Day book!

After months of work, it is finally here, the Fine Little Day book! I have hardly mentioned it at all here, but those of you following me on Instagram might have seen some sneak peaks under the hashtag #finelittledaybook… Now that the book is out, more people have started using it. If you haven't checked it out yet - go and have a look!

I have had the honour to work alongside Elisabeth Dunker, doing the graphic design - a field I'm not really trained in other than through my own projects. I feel very happy and a bit overwhelmed that Elisabeth chose me to do it! This project has somehow proved to me that you can indeed go quite far and learn loads of stuff on pure lust and and commitment. I'm glad I was audacious enough to take on a job I really wasn't sure I could carry through with. "Fake it 'til you make it" has been my motto in this process.

We have had a lot of fun putting this book together. Endless work, but always inspiring. The task of marrying our visual expressions together sure has been interesting. I think I decided on handwriting quite early on. It seemed like the only way to make sure it didn't get too clean and tidy. Using watercolour for the lettering sure was the answer to that question!

Pictures above from our release party at the new Fine Little Day studio here in Gothenburg. One could say that POTHOLDERS has been a somewhat recurring theme both in the book and afterwards.

Until November 16th, those of you living in Sweden have the opportunity to buy the book at 10% discount using this link. Apart from that, it is of course available worldwide in the Fine Little Day shop!

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